Managed Data Security

Proper Managed IT security protects everything in your network, along with endpoint protection, endpoint security, and secure, private, manageable and visible control over internet traffic.

Protect electronic personal health information (ePHI)...

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HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA security established a rule for national standards to protect electronic personal health information (ePHI) by covered entities and their business associates. The security safeguards were put forth to ensure the confidentiality and security of ePHI.

  • You send emails to patients WITHOUT utilizing encryption software.
  • You’re still using software which is no longer supported by Microsoft with security patches (such as Windows XP, Windows 7, or Server 2008).
  • Your computer and server are NOT encrypted.
  • Your systems administration does not have proper HIPAA policies and procedures documented.
  • You are not using a secure firewall.
  • You are not using antivirus software.
  • You do not have BAAs in place with your business associates.
Data Fast Solutions HIPAA Compliance security
Data Fast Solutions HIPAA Compliance security

Also required is a signed Business Associate Agreement with your IT vendor. This HIPAA-compliant document establishes parameters for use of ePHI by clearly defining the business associate’s role in working with healthcare data. It sets forth limitations such as prohibiting the third-party from any forms of use or disclosure not stated in the agreement. It also outlines security requirements to guard against any unauthorized use or disclosure.

At Data Fast, we provide IT solutions specifically designed for HIPAA security. We provide priority support and actively manage:

  • Antivirus Software
  • Software Patching
  • Firewall Security
  • Server Data Backup
  • Server Disaster Recovery
  • Offsite Data Replication
  • VPN (virtual private network) Connectivity
  • Email Filtering
  • Email Continuity
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • HIPAA Security Risk Assessments (where applicable)

Network Security

Hackers and Cyber criminals are actively targeting businesses of all ranges. Proper Managed IT security protects everything in your network. Our Network Security Services provide:

  • Extensive protection of your entire network.
  • Includes multiple locations and VPNs.
  • Application control, firewall and DNS protection.
  • Optimized to your business network.
  • Cloud management and monitoring.
Data Fast Solutions Network Security
Data Fast Solutions Managed Endpoint Protection

Managed Endpoint Protection

Data Fast Solutions is partners with Webroot®, a proven leader in Endpoint protection and cyber threats.

Endpoint protection, or endpoint security, is a general term that describes cybersecurity services for network endpoints, like laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers and virtual environments. These services include antivirus, antimalware, web filtering and more.

Advanced machine learning and cloud-based protection
  • Multi-vector protection against malicious files, scripts, exploits and URLs.
  • Remote policy definition and management
  • Precision monitoring and roll-back capabilities for auto-restoring and infected files.
  • Superior success against zero-day threats.
  • Fully Managed. In most cases Data Fast Technicians are the first to know when there is a threat.

Managed DNS Protection

Today’s businesses need secure, private, manageable and visible control over internet traffic.

The current domain name system (DNS) simply resolves internet requests through a global system of servers, then translates those requests into their unique Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. But this vital service was not designed with security in mind and many DNS exploits and vulnerabilities now exist.

Data Fast Solutions partners with Webroot® DNS Protection for businesses to control their networks and maintain the security, privacy and visibility they need to protect their IT infrastructure and users, even those working remotely.

Data Fast Solutions Managed DNS Protection

Data Fast Solutions provides all the benefits of an IT department
without the prohibitive costs of full-time IT staff.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations on Managed IT services and provide a best-in-class customer experience for your Small to medium size businesses.

Data Fast Solutions is HIPAA trained and compliant, a Microsoft Small Business Specialist and Microsoft Certified Partner. Our technicians are background checked, certified and receive constant training to keep up with ever changing technology.